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May 07

Texas Day Camp!!! June 20th 2015!!


Feb 04

Supercross 2015


Johnny Jelderda pro supercross racer 

Jan 05

Remembrance of Greg Holland


About Greg

Construction News - a newsletter from general contractor Bob Moore Construction. Newsletters are available online.Greg Holland served many roles since he joined Bob Moore Construction on August 2, 1999. He has been an integral part of our company’s safety program, improving the safety of our jobsites all across Texas. Greg guided young superintendents in the field, managed warranty work to resolve issues and keep our clients happy, and did so much more to keep our field operations running smoothly, safely and effectively. Greg’s technical knowledge and his unending supply of patience and selflessness made him the right man for a very tough job.

Professionally speaking, he was, in many respects, the face of Bob Moore Construction and the epitome of our company’s values. Personally, he was a good friend to every person in our company and to every client he worked with.

“Greg’s loss is a terrible tragedy for everyone at Bob Moore Construction,” said Ed McGuire, President of Bob Moore Construction. “Greg was the consummate problem-solver. He was the man who fixed issues for our clients. He was the one who would help our superintendents, stay on top of safety requirements and tackle whatever special projects that came up. Whether it was responding to an emergency at a jobsite or delivering Thanksgiving turkeys to all our employees, Greg was the person we relied on, and he never failed. It was only a week before his loss, at our Christmas party, that I referred to Greg as being “truly our ‘go to’ guy”.