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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple; to bring awareness to Autism within/via the motocross community.

The Autism MX Project focuses on four areas:

  • Autism MX Day Camps are days for ASD kids and families to have the chance to ride AMX’s little dirt bikes and quads and enjoy the sport of motocross! Come Volunteer! 
  • Team Autism MX Sponsoring Amateur MX Racers, Riders and Sponsoring AMA Pro Racers! Getting Autism Awareness seen by millions!
  • AMX Puzzle Piece Apparel from Shirts! Graphics! Goggles! Stand out and support Autism Awareness!
  • AMX Ride Days for Autism Awareness AMX celebrates Autism Awareness and is a fund raiser for The Autism MX Project! Without  fund raisers AMX cant operate.


The Autism MX Project hosts day camps at local So Cal MX tracks where autistic children and their families are immersed in the experience of motocross. Autistic children get the chance to ride small 50cc dirt bikes and quads in a fun and safe environment. For many of these children it’s a chance of a life time. Day Camps are the heart and soul of the project and this is where we started.

Local racers are getting the word out! Covered in Puzzle Pieces and Racing for a Reason!

Supercross and Motocross races typically have 40-50 thousand spectators, plus the races are broadcasted on NBC or CBS sports. This year The Speed Channel and Fuel TV are broadcasting all 16 racers, while CBS will broadcast select races.


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